If a homeowner is in the market for new replacement windows, they might think that all window materials are the same.

‘Plastic Chair’ was our most successful newspaper campaign and made it very clear that poor-quality vinyl windows are not a good long-term solution for common window problems.

How successful was this campaign?

  • A campaign that works in one market sometimes doesn’t work in another, but this campaign ran in 17 markets in the U.S. —large, small, urban and rural—and every market responded well to it.
  • Sometimes a campaign will generate cost-effective leads for no more than six weeks; in many markets, this campaign ran successfully for five consecutive months.
  • In seven markets, the average Cost of Marketing % (Marketing spend/net sales) was 9%, and the client’s COM% goal is 15%, so it greatly exceeded that goal.

The Results

  • 17

    Ran successfully in 17 markets

  • 5

    Ran cost effectively for 5 straight months

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