It’s only great creative if it generates a great response.

The creative that we develop both poses and answers the three most important consumer questions:

  • “What’s in it for me?”
  • “Why should I call you over another home improvement company?”
  • “Why do I need to call now?”

Our passion is always finding compelling ways to differentiate our clients from their competition. Without resorting to selling on price, our creative drives an immediate sense of urgency and motivates consumers to respond.

We’ve created the TV, radio, newspaper ads and direct mail for Renewal by Andersen for over 10 years. Our creative success is due, in large part, to our proven formula for the messaging. Every campaign features these essential elements.

1. Relevant Attention Hook

Now more than ever, consumers are trying to avoid your ads, so if you don’t grab their attention with a relevant message, you simply won’t get a response.

2. Emotional Connection

You can make someone think they need your product, but it’s more powerful to make them feel that way.

If you can identify and tap into an emotional core, you’re more likely to motivate someone to act – and act now. We make them see that we have the solution to their problem.

3. Motivating Differentiators

It’s much easier to sell a product category than a specific product, but nothing is more expensive or wasteful than selling a category. We find motivating differentiators that we craft into meaningful messages to sell your specific product or service.

4. Persuasive Offers

The fundamental principal of direct response is that the right offer is just as important as the right message. Once we understand your customer and your competition, we can construct an offer that is irresistibly valuable to them.

5. Strategic Response Mechanisms

You can execute steps 1-4 to perfection and still fail to generate a consumer response if you don’t handle the mechanics of the response properly. We ensure that each campaign has its own unique phone number and/or URL for each media source to ensure accurate tracking and attribution.