Tracking Software

In order to generate cost-effective leads for our clients, we need to know exactly where each and every lead comes from.

For that, we use a third-party tracking software platform, Dialogtech, to track and monitor lead flow. From its dashboard, we can track each lead, listen to calls, monitor the lead source and more. The system offers very robust features, but we took it upon ourselves to customize the platform to fit our clients’ specific needs.


We understand that not every call or inquiry that comes in from a lead source is a qualified lead, and identifying the unqualified leads is critical to analyzing the performance of your media strategy. That is why we built custom filters into our Dialogtech platform that allow us to delete repeat calls or calls under a certain length with the click of a button. Repeat calls and short calls, which once skewed the results, are now a thing of the past.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

There are probably a few media sources that you’d like to test, but their coverage area is more expansive than your service area. You don’t want to generate and pay for leads that you can’t run, so our custom IVR System will route the call to the appropriate location based on the caller’s ZIP code. Your call center won’t be clogged up answering calls that you cannot service, and you won’t pay for the out-of-territory leads.

Spam Prevention

Spam is an inevitable problem in our business. It can cost our clients thousands of dollars in call center hours and in minute usage fees, so we made exhaustive efforts to stop it. By prompting the caller to enter a ZIP code, spam calls are blocked from getting in the cue. This has been a tremendous time- and money-saver for our clients.

System Outage Notifications

Service providers do not go down often, but when they do, we are prepared. We have implemented a notification system, so Dialogtech alerts us immediately when any part of their system fails or is not functioning properly. This allows us to move media dollars as soon as possible. While system failure is never ideal, these notifications make damage control possible.