There was a time that radio leads had a lower than normal close percentage.

We felt like we needed more than 60 seconds to educate the listener about Renewal by Andersen, so we worked with select radio stations to change their station clocks to allow for 90-second spots. In these interview-style 90-second spots the local owner of Renewal by Andersen and local trusted talent talk about what makes Renewal’s window different.

How successful was this campaign?

  • The :90 interview spots lead to a 6% increase in close rate for radio leads in just four months.
  • After being educated by these spots, listeners were more likely to book an appointment. Compared to the :60 spots, the leads booked percentage increased 9% with these :90 spots.
  • These spots are station-produced and the talent fees for the interviewer are very reasonable, so these spots afford the client a cost-effective way to test new creative concepts for later use in other media.

The Results

  • 6%

    Increase in close rate

  • 9%

    Increase in leads books compared to :60 second spots

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