Selling the Appointment

Many homeowners want to know how much Renewal by Andersen windows are going to cost but might not want to sit through the in-home appointment to get a price. This campaign sells the appointment and ensures that they can get a price within 48 hours of their call.

How successful was this campaign?

  • Because of the urgency of the message, this campaign is able to fill same-day appointments.
  • The first step in replacing one’s windows is getting a price, so these leads convert very well to appointments. Over the past four years, the average Leads Booked Percentage was 84%.
  • This campaign is very versatile because it is not seasonal or offer-driven. It can run 10 months of the year, and we have run it with nine different offers.

The Results

  • 84%

    Average leads booked percentage

  • 10

    Can run 10 months of the year

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